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Enchanted Intimates is an American lingerie label founded in 2017 by Kenya Oliver. Who fell in love with lingerie and its power as a young girl. Inspired by a combination of vintage, minimal and fetish designs from all over the world. Enchanted Intimates embellishes the essence of confidence and power to anyone wearing it.

When it comes to lingerie, most think it's for special occasions, holidays and intimacy. Which is the most common misconception. Wear lingerie for someone else to see us as desirable- ha not in this era! My mission is to change the preconditioned views of why we wear lingerie. Going from feeling confident, sexy, powerful and beautiful to being all of them is the true reason. Wearing Enchanted Intimates maximizes that feeling; boldly empowering you to B-Enchanted.

Wearing Enchanted Intimates is empowering. When you wear my brand, you are in direct alignment with energies of LOVE, CONFIDENCE, POWER, FEMININITY and BEAUTY.

Enchanted Intimates are designed and handmade with the best fabrics. Paired with excellent customer service for an unbeatable online shopping experience.



 Kenya Oliver

 Enchanted Intimates 



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